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Navigate the maze of marketplaces with our proprietary tool

A power packed tool to help you and your team take total control and optimize your product catalog

  • Compare competition and get deep insights to identify gaps in your catalog
  • Analyze and identify keywords that work
  • Get real-time pricing snapshots and identify Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) violations
  • Create and export detailed reports

Gather critical information surrounding your brand on Amazon.com


A deep crawler that returns valuable information about your catalog

  • Simple Crawl with Keywords, ASIN, UPC, Model Number or Bulk Crawl with ASIN/UPC
  • Gain insight into competitor brand presence
  • Highlight gaps in catalog or deficiencies in content throughout your product catalog
  • Export 10+ data fields to Excel or CSV

Optimize your Amazon Advertising spend in a user friendly portal

Our interactive dashboard allows you to increase ROI with smart bid recommendations

  • Realtime campaign adjustment, reporting, and bid recommendations
  • Receive guardrail spending alerts
  • Set custom date ranges, spend limits and improve campaign performance
  • Run product performance analyses, ACOS/ROAS reports

Plan Inventory Intelligently

A forecast tool that considers data from multiple pieces of the Amazon Flywheel

  • Analyze purchase order history
  • Factor changes in AMS spend and performance
  • Amazon A9 Algorithm compatibility

90-day results

We work with our partners to formulate a clear 30, 60, 90 day plan that highlights clear goals and targets.

In the First 30 days we focus on setting things up

  • Understand the Market
  • Evaluate Content & Media
  • Set Up Seller Accounts

Next, we help you focus on sales

  • Access Multiple Sales Channels
  • Build and Launch Brand Campaigns
  • Commence eCommerce Sales

Then, we focus on growth and expansion

  • Analyze and Review Sales Reports
  • Explore New Product Offerings
  • Enhance CampaiThen, we focus on growth and expansion
  • Analyze and Review Sales Reports
  • Explore New Product Offerings
  • Enhance Campaign Management


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