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We propel your business through
Shared Business Intelligence

The Smart Fellows’ industry-leading Business Intelligence (BI) is the nerve center and catalyst behind the company’s data-driven strategies and optimization efforts. Our BI team works one-on-one with consumer goods manufacturers and retailers to generate insights that make a measurable difference.


We provide guidance from product development, to sourcing, operations and logistics, through to marketing and sales.


We make sure every move is setting you up for success on the platform that best fits your business goals. Together, we can promise speed to market and speed to revenue.


Our suite of products collects huge swaths of information and turns them into insights and tools that can get your products to the next level.

Dominate Any Marketplace & protect your brand

Increase presence and boost sales across multiple online marketplaces.  We act as an extension of your team that helps you manage your day-to-day marketplaces business and maximise your potential on each platform.

Brands are faced with increased challenges in online marketplaces including disruptive third-party sellers, fluid price points, illegitimate sourcing, and counterfeit goods. As a result, even the most successful brands experience reduced sales and margins from lack of control over digital marketplaces. These problems will only continue to grow as more retailers sell their products online. The Smart Fellows help Brands remain in control through specific data driven services.

marketplaces insights


Volume and revenues by category
& subcategories by marketplaces

1P’s and 3P’s data analysis

Inventory & fullfillment analysis


Identifying top selling products/items 
by marketplaces

Tracking the pool of identified items in terms of price agression, sales volume by item, top sellers, crossborder fullfillment.


Diagnostic of « white spaces »

Cross analysis with top selling items and demand level and net revenues per item per marketplace

Identification of new/trendy item opportunities to add to
existing calalog

Smart all-in-one fulfillment

With our partners network, We get your products delivered right on time
anywhere in the world at the best price.


We handle your products and inventory in our facilities in US & Europe. 


We pick, Pack & Ship your packages to the final consumer, anywhere.

Smart app

Our AI-driven algorithm optimises each step of the process, for the fastest, greenest, lower cost fulfilment.

Full Service Amazon Agency

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